Torque of the North
The monthly newsletter of the AHC Northern Centre
February 2021

Torque of the North - February 2021

Austin Healey Club Northern Centre's Newsletter


Welcome to our first newsletter of 2021, our idea for resurrecting “Torque of the North” is to keep you informed of news events and changes to the Northern Centre, following the results of our recent survey.  First of all we would like to welcome our new committee members; John Stanger Leathes, Jeff Hollinshead, Donald Gordon and John & Jill Bowman who currently all do a superb job running Northern’s four sub-centres.
On a different note, Paul Ireland’s excellent book, Classic Engines, Modern Fuel - The Problems, the Solutions is written for people like us, the classic car enthusiasts who really wants to understand what’s going on inside their engines and why modern fuels can have an impact on the performance, wear and tear and specifically heat build up.

Paul is a really interesting guy, who brings what is a fairly technical topic to life.  Interesting whether you spend your life under the bonnet or just like to drive your car.

Doug McClymont from the Northern Centre has persuaded Paul to join us for a series of three 45 minute “live” online presentations with an opportunity for us to participate in Questions and Answers at the end.
The presentations are titled:
  1. E10 & volatility (the Hot Restart Problem). This should be an easy 3/4 hour.
  2. Combustion - a little more complicated but basically “Suck, squeeze, bang and blow” and introducing cyclic variability.
  3. If these go really well, a final presentation on the effects of cyclic variability.
The full details are published on the AHC Northern Centre Website. Any Club member can attend but numbers will be limited so please register your interest on the Northern Centre website right away.  The first presentation takes place on Wednesday 17th March at 8pm.  We will be using a really simple to use video conferencing solution and we’ll make sure everyone has full details prior to the event, as well as some tech help if needed!

We intend to keep the emails coming each month, so look out for March’s Torque of the North, next month!