Dedicated to serving the interests of members of the Austin Healey Club (UK) Limited who reside in the regions of Northern England, North Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Austin Healey Club Northern Centre 'Toolbox'

An initiative has taken to hold a selection of tools that members can borrow, use, and return. The tools are items that members might need for a one-off job where they could not justify purchasing the tool. A page on the Northern Centre website has been created to show the current tools held and how you can borrow them.

The way the 'Toolbox' works is that you visit the website, pick the tool you wish to borrow, fill in a form with your details, pay a deposit (which is refundable) plus the cost of postage and packing and the tool is on its way. After use, you return the tool, and the deposit is returned to you.

The Thames Valley Centre also have a 'Toolbox' and we have a reciprocal arrangement with them where members from either centre can hire tools from both toolboxes. Members of the Northern Centre will need to visit the Thames Valley Centre website to borrow tools from their ‘Toolbox’ and vice versa for the Thames Valley Centre.

The Northern Centre have allocated an annual budget to purchase small tools so as to expand the tools held by the club. If you have any suggestions for a tool that you think members of the club could benefit from being held in our 'Toolbox' please let us know.

To access the 'Toolbox', click Toolbox on the menubar at the top of the page, or click here.

Aug20-21Passion for Power Classic Car Show at Tatton Park

Passion for Power is a huge show featuring everything the discerning classic car enthusiast could ever want. The Show offers the perfect opportunity to look at hundreds of exotic supercars and find everything you could ever want or need at the various trade stalls.

For more details about the show see www.tattonpassionforpower.com.

More details to follow. See Event Calendar for contact details.

Sep04Longridge Vehicle Extravaganza

A Rotary Club car show that will interest members in the Preston area. A local member is supporting this event and invites North West members to join him there. Held at the Longridge Showground, Lower Lane, PR3 3SQ. Family friendly including modern and classic cars, tractors bikes and other associated vehicles.

Full details...