Committee - 2021-22

Chairman & NEC Director
A lifelong lover of the British sports car and a member of the AH Club for over 13 years, I have rebuilt my 59 Frogeye in the relative comfort of a heated double garage before advancing to the more powerful and longer legged Healey 100 M spec. Looking forward to longer journeys and new highways to take full advantage of this true thoroughbred.
I’ve been a member of the Healey club for over 25 years. Initially down South where I bought my first scrap metal (car) where it was duly restored. On retirement, I re-located to Cheshire where the car had to be restored again! Regularly attend local, national and international events including my local Noggin & Natter (Knutsford).
I’m the owner of a Healey 3000 Mk2, which was bought as a runner, back in 2008, which is when I first joined the Healey Club, much work undertaken since! I also own a couple of Lotus‘s and a 1960‘s Cooper S, so not entirely a Healey fanatic.
I have owned classic cars for over 40 years and ten years ago I joined the Austin Healey Club following a visit to the club stand at Tatton Park. Following that visit I was helped considerably by club members to source and acquire a 3000 MKIII (BJ8). The car underwent restoration and has been used regularly since on Club events, both at home and abroad, all of which I have enjoyed immensely.
Calendar & Events
I bought my first Healey (BJ7) in 1992 and spent a few years on its restoration. Since completion, I have attended many enjoyable events both in the UK and overseas. I recently bought a 100 which needs very little doing to it and am also in the process of creating a Silverstone from a Tickford, which I hope to complete this year.
Membership Liason & Comms, Yorkshire Sub-Centre
In the late 60's and 70's I had 100/6 and BJ7. Current Healey is a Phase1 BJ8, a press car and featured in reports in 1964 motoring magazines and the archives at The British Motor Museum at Gaydon. It is a stalled project at present as my abilities are struggling to match my ambition to do most of the restoration work myself.
I’m the custodian of a frogeye, which I’ve had for over a decade. Whilst I can do a bit of electrics, I’m now slowly learning some mechanics. Unfortunately, I’m not especially fond of getting my hands dirty. I work in IT and currently run the Northern Centre and National websites.
General Member
I am a retired qualified aerospace engineer that loves classic cars. I joined the the club around 2000, not long after purchasing a barn find 1959 MkI Sprite that needed complete restoration. I am a repeat offender in restoring classic cars which I have done since my teens. I have just finished a 12 year long complete restoration of a BJ8. I felt it was time to give back something to the club and so wanted to join the committee and help the club go forward.
North Wales Sub-Centre
John and Jill Bowman have been members of the club for almost along as the club have been going and together run a very active sub-centre in the North Wales region.
Scottish Sub-Centre
I bought my first Healey BJ7 in 1971 and second BJ7 in 1973. I attended the 1978 Healey Weekend and bought a Jensen GT to keep my Healey interest going. We attended almost all of the Lakes weekends in the Jensen always hankering after another Big Healey. After a couple more Healeys in the 80's, my BRG BT7 was finished in time for Mike Ravens 1996 Highland Tour and I kept it until 2009, when the opportunity to buy my current BN7 came up.
Northumbria Sub-Centre
John has been a member of the club for over 20 years and looks after the Northumbria region.

Committee meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each second month.
Members requiring e-mail copies of the minutes should contact the Secretary, Phil Kershaw.

Other Officers

Valuations Officer
Technical Adviser Dave Sinclair IEng. LCG.

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