The Austin Healey Club Northern Centre have decided to hold a number of tools that Austin Healey Club members can have on loan on a free of charge basis. The only charges will be a refundable deposit against the tool and the cost of posting the tool to you within the UK.

The Austin Healey Northern Centre have an agreement with the Austin Healey Thames Valley Centre for the loan of tools from their ‘Tool Box’. To borrow tools from the Thames Valley Centre please visit their website and place your request directly with them.

Wire Wheel Balancing Cones

For use at tyre centres in conjunction with wheel balancing machines to assist in the balancing of wire wheels. Comes with instructions for use.
Deposit £50

Coil Spring Compressors

Used to compress vehicle suspension road springs. 3 off spring compressors in the set. Each has an integral safety device to prevent accidental de-compression. Maximum jaw opening of 245mm. Left and right-handed operation. Driven by 1/2 square drive socket. Max tension 1500kg.
Deposit £30

Dial Test Indicator (DTI)

Used for measuring runout on brake disks, establishing top dead centre etc. The DTI has a metric scale, reads in graduations of 0.01mm and has a maximum deflection of 10mm. Use in conjunction with a magnetic base that will secure the DTI in place.
Deposit £15

Magnetic Base

Powerful three-sided magnetic base for us with DTI. Has on / off button to turn on magnet. Comes with infinitely adjustable arm and holder for dial test indicator.
Deposit £15

Lucas Crimp Tool

Ratchet crimping pliers for use with Lucas insulated terminals. The ratchet motion ensures correct crimping pressure when crimping terminals. For use on Red, Blue and Yellow sized terminals.
Deposit £15