Torque of the North
The monthly newsletter of the AHC Northern Centre
January 2021

AHC Northern Centre News - January 2021

New Developments and Results of the Recent Members' Survey

Good Morning,

For some time now, your Committee has been striving to develop a Membership Map, enabling you to identify and communicate with other Northern Centre members nearby.  The need for such a map also being highlighted in our recent survey.  Unfortunately, our efforts have been hindered owing to Government enhancement of the Data Protection Laws followed closely by Covid-19.  However, the map has now been developed and will be launched as soon as testing has been completed.  This is expected to be Spring 2021.
A ‘Google Map’, with its zoom and earth view features, forms the basis of this development.  It will display the approximate locations (based only on the first part of the post code) of those Northern Centre members who have agreed to be included.  To ensure their anonymity, each participating member will need to create a ‘Nickname’ chosen when using the map for the first time.  This will be the only identity shown and will be used when sending messages to some or all members in a selected area.
The approach we have taken is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act and is secure.  To ensure this, the following steps have been taken:
  • Only those members who have given their permission will be shown on the map
  • Member location will be approximate (based only on the first part of their postcode).
  • Each member will be identified using a ‘Nickname’.
  • Your own email address will be visible to the recipient when sending a message.
  • The recipient’s email address will only be revealed when they reply.
  • Access to the map will be through the Members Area on the National club website.
  • You must be registered to use the Members Area.
  • You may join or withdraw from the map at any time.
  • Terms and Conditions and a Code of Conduct will apply.Displayed when first using the map.
This development provides numerous opportunities, ranging from social chats to organising local outings / events and I would encourage all to take advantage.  The more members shown on the map, the greater the benefit.
This email is simply to make you aware of what will shortly be available.  Detailed instructions on how to register and use the map will be provided when the map is launched in the Spring.
Kind Regards
Paul Johnson
Chairman (Northern Centre).

P.S. Results of the recent survey are now available online.  An introduction can be found on the ’home’ page of the Austin Healey Club Northern website (www.ahc-northern.org.uk).  At the end of the introduction is a further link that takes you to the detail survey results.