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Touring your Healey? Comprehensive list of spares to carry. AHC North
Touring your Healey? Check it out before you set off.                 A-HOABC
Touring your Healey? Another detailed check list. Rocky M AHC
Healey Specifications. Full details of all models. Rocky M AHC
Annual check list. Detailed list covering just about everything Rocky M AHC
Rolling road check. What it entails.    Carolinas AHC
Factory colour codes. Specifications for all Healeys. Rocky M AHC

Braking System

Rear drum brakes. Advice on how to go about the adjustments.  Carolinas AHC
Healey brake service. Carry out a full braking system check. A-HOABC

Body and Trim

Door & window winder handles. A tip on reinstallation. (BJ7 & 8) AHC North
Sprite wipers. Lucas detailed information leaflet. A-H Sprite CA

Cooling System

Water temperature sensor. This removal spanner is easily made. AHC North
Temperature gauge reading high? Recommended checks. Carolinas AHC

Electrical System

Distributor wear? The problems explained.            AHC Midlands
Trouble shooting big Healey electrics. Advice on what to look for. N Texas AHC
Alternator conversion. Plenty of tips on how to go about it. N Texas AHC
Spark plugs. Which plugs are the best for the big Healey? N Texas AHC
Ignition circuit testing. Summary of checks to carry out. N Texas AHC
Setting engine timing. Recommended equipment and procedure. N Texas AHC
Positive to negative earth. How to implement the change. Carolinas AHC
Better conductivity clean up. Prevention of problems. N Texas AHC


Crankshaft oil seal replacement? This article will prove helpful. AHC Midlands
Building a competition engine. Priorities to consider. N Texas AHC
Low oil pressure. Advice on where the problems may be. Carolinas AHC
Rocker shaft. Descriptive article.            Carolinas AHC
Engine adjustment. Comprehensive advice on tuning. Carolinas AHC
Rocker cover gasket installation. Best to avoid on washing day!!! S Ontario AHC

Fuel System

Fuel gauge problems? You should find the answer on this website. Jim Werner
Unleaded fuel. Advice on how to approach the potential problem. AHC Thames
Tuning SU carbs. Comprehensive advice on tuning. Carolinas AHC
Unleaded fuel. AMOCO advice on the pros and cons of using. Carolinas AHC
SU carburetter damper rods. Recommended checks. Carolinas AHC
E10 fuel. A threat to classic cars? Heritage Insurance


Shock absorber checks. Worthwhile checks to carry out regularly. Carolinas AHC
Front suspension check for wear. How to carry out the checks. A-HOABC


Toyota gearbox into Big Healey? Check out this detailed article. AHC Midlands
Rear axle overhaul. Directions on how to go about it. N Texas AHC
De Normanville overdrive. Plenty of useful advice. N Texas AHC
Clutch hose replacement. Practical advice. N Texas AHC