Committee - 2023-24

Chairman & NEC Director
A lifelong lover of the British sports car and a member of the AH Club for over 13 years, I have rebuilt my 59 Frogeye in the relative comfort of a heated double garage before advancing to the more powerful and longer legged Healey 100 M spec. Looking forward to longer journeys and new highways to take full advantage of this true thoroughbred.
I’ve been a member of the Healey club for over 25 years. Initially down South where I bought my first scrap metal (car) where it was duly restored. On retirement, I re-located to Cheshire where the car had to be restored again! Regularly attend local, national and international events including my local Noggin & Natter (Knutsford).
John joins us from Yorkshire as our new club secretary.

I have owned classic cars for over 40 years and ten years ago I joined the Austin Healey Club following a visit to the club stand at Tatton Park. Following that visit I was helped considerably by club members to source and acquire a 3000 MKIII (BJ8). The car underwent restoration and has been used regularly since on Club events, both at home and abroad, all of which I have enjoyed immensely.
Calendar & Events
I bought my first Healey (BJ7) in 1992 and spent a few years on its restoration. Since completion, I have attended many enjoyable events both in the UK and overseas. I recently bought a 100 which needs very little doing to it and am also in the process of creating a Silverstone from a Tickford, which I hope to complete this year.
Membership Liason & Comms, Yorkshire Area
In the late 60's and 70's I had 100/6 and BJ7. Current Healey is a Phase1 BJ8, a press car and featured in reports in 1964 motoring magazines and the archives at The British Motor Museum at Gaydon. It is a stalled project at present as my abilities are struggling to match my ambition to do most of the restoration work myself.
I’m the custodian of a frogeye, which I’ve had for over a decade. Whilst I can do a bit of electrics, I’m now slowly learning some mechanics. Unfortunately, I’m not especially fond of getting my hands dirty. I work in IT and currently run the Northern Centre and National websites.
General Member
I am a retired qualified aerospace engineer that loves classic cars. I joined the the club around 2000, not long after purchasing a barn find 1959 MkI Sprite that needed complete restoration. I am a repeat offender in restoring classic cars which I have done since my teens. I have just finished a 12 year long complete restoration of a BJ8. I felt it was time to give back something to the club and so wanted to join the committee and help the club go forward.
North Wales Area
John and Jill Bowman have been members of the club for almost along as the club have been going and together run a very active sub-centre in the North Wales region.
Scottish Area
I bought my first Healey BJ7 in 1971 and second BJ7 in 1973. I attended the 1978 Healey Weekend and bought a Jensen GT to keep my Healey interest going. We attended almost all of the Lakes weekends in the Jensen always hankering after another Big Healey. After a couple more Healeys in the 80's, my BRG BT7 was finished in time for Mike Ravens 1996 Highland Tour and I kept it until 2009, when the opportunity to buy my current BN7 came up.
North East Area
Austin Healey fan going back to 1966 Le Mans 24 HRS. I was invited to be part of the Austin Healey team along with my father Jimmy Shand and his friends from Eastern counties motor club who provided the signalling support based at the end of the Mulsanne straight. Got my first 3000 BN7 in 1990. Now campaigning in 3000 BJ8 HealeySport Speed Championship hillclimbs and sprints.

Committee meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each second month.
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Valuations Officer
Technical Adviser Dave Sinclair IEng. LCG.

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