Sunday lunch at the Ship Inn, Wincle.                              16th March 2003    

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 Half a dozen Healeys  took advantage of the early Spring sunshine and headed for the Ship  Inn at Wincle nr Macclesfield. They were joined by several other members who had not yet taken their Healeys out of wraps and a hearty lunch was enjoyed by all.


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The debate after lunch was what to do next in order to work off the substantial meals.

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The less intrepid members opted for a gentle stroll down the hill to the nearby trout farm.

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The more intrepid donned their hiking boots and headed for the hills on what should have been a pleasant walk of around two and a half miles. This distance was extended by the input of too many navigators resulting in a wrong turn and a frantic search for the way forward around the perimeter of a rather muddy field. Eventually the mistake was realised although the we were unable to identify the dodgy navigator, and all enjoyed the exercise and the delightful views in this area of the Peak District.

Thanks to Ivor Davies for organising the event.

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