Wedgwood Run.                                                                  15th September 2002.


 Former Wedgwood director, Denis Austin poses before his old boss Josiah's statue.

                                                                             Centre members enjoyed a Sunday run starting at Alsager and wending its way through the lanes of Cheshire and Staffordshire for around an hour before arrival at the main Wedgwood factory situated in a delightful village to the South of Stoke on Trent.

Organiser's Denis and Margaret Austin had arranged a fascinating tour of the world famous porcelain factory. The pre-recorded information received by headphones made the tour all the more interesting and the inevitable visit to the factory shop topped off the visit, at least for the ladies.


Wedgwood03.jpg (32035 bytes)

An E type lurks amongst the Healeys, can you spot it?

Wedgwood02.jpg (62167 bytes)

It's that man again.

Pagoda_Austin.jpg (72558 bytes)

BBQ and Balinese bed pergola.

A drive back to Alsager and an enjoyable barbecue in the lovely gardens of our hosts, the Austins, rounded off another successful club outing.

The edifice in the background of some of the pictures is a DIY pergola designed to cover a Balinese bed. What one does with an outside bed in the English climate sets the imagination racing.

Wedgwood06.jpg (64716 bytes)

Now we're cooking.

Wedgwood05.jpg (59944 bytes)

That September sun's a bit strong!

Wedgwood07.jpg (45628 bytes)

A steady hand or the tower will tumble.

Wedgwood04.jpg (49528 bytes)

And finally, a farewell wave from Bernard.


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