Donnington Practice Day.                                                      9th June 2003.       

Northern members joined many other classic car enthusiasts for a practice day at Donnington Race Circuit. Here are a few photos from the camera of John Ridyard.   (Click to enlarge.)

Don_Drivers_Briefing.jpg (44650 bytes) Don_DemonDenis.jpg (57215 bytes) Don_Start.jpg (60017 bytes)
Drivers briefing. Demon Denis at the start. More start pics.
Don_RidyardVCurran.jpg (47714 bytes) Don_IvorDavies.jpg (34343 bytes) Don_BruceMontgomery.jpg (63232 bytes)
Ridyard and Curran dicing. Ivor Davies at full chat. Race ace Bruce Montgomery.
Don_DA_Dicing.jpg (37375 bytes) Don_BRE_607E.jpg (41681 bytes)
Denis Austin dicing. BRE 607E at speed.

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