Spares list of items worth carrying when touring.                     Big Healey.

The list below represents the tools, spares, etc which I have put together over a period and in conjunction with other enthusiasts. These items, I would recommend, should be carried with you when touring for a period. Most of them take up little room and can be left in the car permanently. The list is prepared with a BJ8 in mind and may need modifying for other models. If anyone chooses to modify the list to suit their model perhaps you can let me have a copy and I will post it under the model type.

Storage of items can be problematic as the Healey's have so very little storage space. Mine is particularly so with its extensive rally modifications rendering the boot space considerably smaller than most. I do, however, have the advantage of spare fuel pump, spare coil, spare plugs and a fire extinguisher system all built in.

One of the most useful storage spaces is beneath the spare wheel and the best way to utilise this space is to locate a suitable container to fit exactly in the wheel dish. In the case of a 5 1/2J wire wheel a container measuring 13" diameter X 4.5" deep is ideal. I have utilised a large plastic tub which contained tile adhesive and cut off the base. This gives me 12" diameter. As you can see the container  (bowl) through the wire wheel I have sprayed it black and covered it with a shaped circle of black pond liner in lieu of a lid. I had hoped to purchase a Tupperware container or similar but I have been unable to find one. If you have better luck please let me know. It is surprising how many of the smaller items you can pack into this and I have utilised plastic medicine and pill boxes for storage of loose and liquid items packed into the bowl.

Another useful and little considered storage space is the space beneath the battery. This is most practical for packing items which you are highly unlikely to use except in dire emergency, like wheel bearings or spare coil.

The final main area which is always in regular use for spares is the area to the rear of the boot, between the rear valance and the fuel tank.

I purchased a tool roll, (which cost me new 1 from Tatton Park auto-jumble) I have found this invaluable for tool storages and it fits snugly  in the rear boot area.

I have appended the table separately in Word format, making it easy to copy and/ or print.

Mike Smith  (14 Jan 2004)

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