Miscellaneous tips.

Refitting door and window winder handles to BJ7 & BJ8

     For those of you have struggled to fit the window winder handles on your BJ7 or 8 and to fit the door handles, you may find this tip helpful. It was given to me by my hood trimmer, Richard Williams of Willtrim at Castleford, Bradford. I tried the technique and it works perfectly.
     1. Pre-assemble the handle, spring, plate etc.
     2. Slide the fixing pin through the top hole but only as far as the inside top of the square hole.
     3. Offer the assembly onto the square shaft until the pin holes are aligned.
     4. Tap the securing pin home with a screwdriver.

Modified spanner for removal of the water temperature sensor on a big Healey.

      This is in such an awkward place to access and conventional spanners cannot pass the sensor wire emanating from the centre of the nut. The following modification to an old ring spanner will work (unless the sensor is seized up, in which case you will have to cut the wire and have the gauge rebuilt - or cut through the dash, which is a bit drastic.)
      1. Take an old 5/8" AF ring spanner and cut it 110mm overall length.
      2. Cut a narrow slot 5mm wide at the tip of the ring as shown.

The new spanner should now work with the radiator still in position.