Past Events
Mitton Hall Supercar Sunday - 7th September 2014

Here's a photo of Tim and Eileen Valentine at Falcon Manor, Settle last Sunday, the 7th September. The occasion was Supercar Sunday organised by the hotel group that owns both the Mitton Hall and Falcon Manor Hotels and is run once a month throughout the summer. This was the last such event this year. All types of modern and classic "supercars" met at Mitton Hall, near Whalley, for bacon butties and coffee and then made their way to Settle for champagne and a barbecue lunch in the gardens of Falcon Manor. There was a prize for the best car, a Lamborghini, the best fancy dress costume, Batman and his moll, and for the best car and costume combination that went to Tim and Eileen who, as you can see from the photo, wore their best "Goodwood" 50s gear. Theirs was without doubt the most prestigious of the awards and they won a weekend at the chain's Kirrby Lonsdale hotel and an invitation to a special dinner to be held on the re-opening of the Falcon Manor following imminent refurbishment.

Ivor Davies

Tim and Eileen Valentine