Covering members in Tyneside, Teeside, Northumbria and Durham 

The inaugural meeting of the Tyneside Sub-Centre was held on Tuesday 19th March 2003 at the Backworth Golf Club.

The meeting was well attending with enthusiastic members from as far afield as Wooler and South Teeside. A lively discussion in the pleasant surroundings of the Golf Club paved the way to establishing how best to develop the Sub Centre. An unfortunate date clash with a crucial Newcastle United match resulted in a number of absentees who sent their apologies.

With the MG Club meeting at the same venue also on the third Wednesday of each month, this made for a degree of inter club camaraderie as the evening progressed and hopefully some inter club rivalry at events in the future.

Attending members agreed unanimously that the venue was excellent and agreed that we should continue to meet here for at least the next three months. (The remarkably low beer prices also had some influence upon this decision.)

Many thanks go to John Stanger-Leathes for his enthusiasm in setting up this new Sub Centre. The inaugural meeting was also attended by Northern Centre committee representative, Mike Smith.


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Group photo of the new members.

Alan Wilson shows his new acquisition, ex Denis Welch road car to members.

Please contact John Stanger-Leathes for more details.